F1 Driver's Winter Adventures

It’s the F1’s off season. The drivers are enjoying a well deserved break, after what must have been an exhilarating and exhausting season. We must all be thinking the same though… what are the drivers of the 2021 season doing whilst they’re not driving race cars? Well let’s hope this article can provide some insight.


Lewis Hamilton 

There’s been radio silence from Lewis ever since the finale in Abu Dhabi and it’s no surprise why (don’t worry, I won’t rant on about it again). Lewis is well known for his love of music, with him even having a secret alias as XNDA where he appears on a Christina Aguilera track. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear if Lewis was making music whilst recovering from that epic season.

Valtteri Bottas 

Valterri has already shown us on Instagram what he’s been doing recently: getting nude. The man is known for baring all (drive to survive anyone?) and he even posted a cheeky picture on his Insta where we all got an eyeful. The man’s most likely spent the entire off season in the nude and why not? We’ve all seen it before anyway! 

Max Verstappen

The machine that is Max Verstappen has had a tough, draining season. The strain from driving as well as he did for 22 races has probably taken a toll on his car’s,and his own, mechanical parts. Max is probably back at the factory, recharging his batteries and just enjoying some time disconnected from everything. He might need a bit of fine tuning as well, before making sure he’s switched on again for pre season testing. 

Sergio Perez

I have no doubt that Sergio is in Mexico, having a wonderful time with his family but particularly Checo jr. The bond those two have seems to be quite special, so Sergio will be enjoying some well earned family time.


Charles Leclerc 

Charles has actually found a job during this off season. You wouldn’t think he needs the money, but he enjoys wearing his banana costume so much he wanted to be able to wear it all the time. Charles has got a job at his local grocery store in Monaco, spinning the sign around and welcoming people into the store. I’ve heard he’s loving it and is disappointed pre season testing is soon.

Carlos Sainz

Golf. There is nothing else this man has been doing except playing golf, sometimes with his dad.

Lando Norris 

McLaren’s hot young driver has actually been breaking the internet this off season with the announcement that he has a new girlfriend. Bit ridiculous really the reaction, the man’s allowed to have a love life; not like any of these users on Twitter would ever even meet the young Brit. Good on you Lando, you seem happy.

Daniel Ricciardo 

You’ll be pleased to hear Danny Ric has finally left quarantine in one of the strictest countries for covid restrictions, Australia, and is able to spend a night in Perth with his family. Unfortunately he’s got to fly back to Woking tomorrow, but I’ve heard Woking is nicer than sunny Perth anyway.


Fernando Alonso 

After being able to take part in the young driver test (again!), Fernando’s been practicing all those cool things that young people do. Rumours say he’s been spotted at the skate park, Alton Towers and loitering outside Sainsbury’s, playing with a fidget spinner. He claims he’s had a wicked break dude. 

Esteban Ocon 

If you’ve met Esteban during the off season, you’ll no doubt know that he won a race this season. Esteban has spent his off season telling everyone and anyone about his magical race win in Hungary, and good on him. I’ve also heard he’s texted Gasly every day just saying ‘1-0’.

Pierre Gasly 

Pierre has spent his off season talking to Apple, to see if he can block Esteban’s number. They keep blocking him, but Esteban keeps getting a new number and texting Pierre. Reports say Gasly is at the end of his tether and will soon ‘do a Lewis’ and go off the grid.

Yuki Tsunoda 

Yuki has spent his off season doing some work experience at Honda’s factory in Japan. AlphaTauri thought that if Yuki saw the process of how a car is made, then he might not crash their car as much. I’ve been told he’s only stopped the production line twice, so not bad going. 


Sebastian Vettel 

If you’ve seen the news, you’ll know what Seb’s been doing. His world tour with Greta Thunberg has picked up media attention from all over the world, with David Attenborough even making an appearance at their show in Luton. It’s nice to Seb has been able to keep up his hobby, even during the off season. 

Lance Stroll

Living on daddy’s yacht has been hard for Lance; apparently the lobster spaghetti he likes isn’t up to scratch, and Lawrence has already had to fire 3 chefs. The new chef seems okay, but his motion sickness means it won’t be long before he’s told to walk the golden plank.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi has finally retired from racing at the age of 42 and I fear we may never see him again. What a career that man has had, but we’ll all miss his relaxed attitude and lack of care he had for anything outside racing. Enjoy your retirement iceman, you’ll be left alone now.

Antonio Giovanazzi 

After being booted out his seat at Alfa Romeo, Gio has found a new job as a Jesus impersonator. He’s regularly hired for stag dos, birthday parties and was apparently very busy around Christmas. He’s very much looking forward to his new start in Formula E, as he’s getting sick of drunk Brits throwing up in his hair. 


George Russell 

Unfortunately George has contracted pneumonia twice since finishing his best ever season in F1. His lack of ability to not take his top off has meant he’s had a very cold winter break. Toto is currently asking him to be the face of Mercedes’ new sweatshirt line, purely so he can keep some clothes on.

Nicolas Latifi 

Little is know about Latifi’s personal life, but what we do know is that he absolutely loves Nutella. The man has numerous jars in his fridge and there’s no question he’s been chomping down on Nutella and crepes all winter. I think he might be involved in the recent Nutella shortage in Montreal, but I can’t be certain 

Mick Schumacher 

If you want to know any details about Seb and Greta’s environmental takeover, Mick is the guy to go to. He’s been following them at every show and offering a helping hand to his best friend Seb. According to German media, Greta’s been getting a bit jealous but Mick doesn’t mean to cause any harm and is apologising after every show. 

Nikita Mazespin

Honestly I don’t care; the guy’s a d*ck so why does it matter?

I hope you enjoyed this brief view into what the drivers are getting up to during this off season. We’ve got car releases coming up soon and then cars back on track for pre season testing. Bring on the 2022 season, I think people should be scared of car number 44… justice needs to be served.


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