F1 Driver's Winter Adventures

It’s the F1’s off season. The drivers are enjoying a well deserved break, after what must have been an exhilarating and exhausting season. We must all be thinking the same though… what are the drivers of the 2021 season doing whilst they’re not driving race cars? Well let’s hope this article can provide some insight. Lewis Hamilton  There’s been radio silence from Lewis ever since the finale in Abu Dhabi and it’s no surprise why (don’t worry, I won’t rant on about it again). Lewis is well known for his love of music, with him even having a secret alias as XNDA where he appears on a Christina Aguilera track. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear if Lewis was making music whilst recovering from that epic season. Valtteri Bottas  Valterri has already shown us on Instagram what he’s been doing recently: getting nude. The man is known for baring all (drive to survive anyone?) and he even posted a ch


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