Winners and losers of the 2021 F1 season

It’s been over two months since the finale of the spectacular 2021 season and I’m just about getting over everything that’s happened. We had high octane drama from that first lap to Bahrain to that last lap in Abu Dhabi. The title protagonists were neck and neck throughout the season, with Max only a handful of seconds in front throughout the course of the entire season(?!). We haven’t seen a season like this in our life times, or ever particularly, and it’s one that will be cherished in all our memories. But you have to ask yourself: who were the real winners and losers? Well this article should help resolve that one. Winners  Max Verstappen  Max was arguably the only real winner of the 2021 season, winning the converted prize of world drivers champion. He showed off his skill and consistency all season, and pulled off some stunning drives. And even though he did some questionable moves (Monza and Saudi A

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